Yoga Classes

Come and discover Isha Hatha Yoga.

Yoga Classes

We offer a comprehensive set of yoga practices that do not require special physical agility or prior yoga experience.

Advanced Yogasanas Classes

This class is for the participants who have already learned the yogasanas beginner program. This is a good opportunity to start aigain this practice in case you have stopped it. We will learn the advanced postures as well as to stay longer in each posture.

About the practice

What Yoga are you going to learn?

I teach the Isha Hatha Yoga, taught by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

The word “yoga” literally means “union”. It is the union of your body, your mind and your emotions, as well as with the rest of existence.

Yoga is shared with you here as a science for inner well-being. There is a link between your body posture and how you feel inside. Depending on whether you are happy or unhappy, peaceful or angry, your body naturally takes different postures.

In yoga, the work is done in reverse; by putting your body in certain positions, you can alter the way you think, feel, and experience life. At the same time, you develop your consciousness and increase your abilities.

Learning methodology

Each class is made up of several sessions during which you learn a specific yoga practice. At the end of the sessions, you will be trained to be able to continue it at home on your own. In the sense that, for a discipline to have an impact on your daily life, it is necessary to practice it regularly.

Yoga Sangi’s studio is a room for a maximum of 5 people, which allows you to be in a friendly setting and to have personalized follow-up.

The basic practices of Isha Hatha Yoga

We offer a comprehensive set of yoga practices that do not require special physical agility or prior yoga experience.

1. Upa-Yoga

Upa-Yoga is a set of 10 gentle practices that are well suited for beginners. Upa-Yoga activates muscles, joints and the energy system. It dissipates inertia in the body, relieves physical stress and fatigue. The practice rejuvenates the body after periods of inactivity and removes the effects of jet lag.

2. Angamardana

“Angamardana” means gaining complete mastery over the limbs, organs and other parts of the body. This practice is composed of 31 dynamic processes; standing, squatting, sitting and lying down. This helps invigorate the body and achieve your greatest fitness.

3. Surya Shakti

Surya Shakti is related to the Sun Salutation. It is an ancient yogic practice done in a sequence of 18 postures with a certain rhythm. You can increase the number of cycles up to 111, which gives you a complete exercise by itself. It is a good aerobic workout, which strengthens the heart and increases vitality.

4. Surya Kriya

Surya Kriya is a sequence of 21 postures that is done slowly, meditatively, with specific breathing. It increases samat prana or solar heat in your body. Surya Kriya balances the right and left side of our system, and also, the body and the mind.

5. Yogasanas

It is a series of 30 static postures. We stay in each posture during a specific time, which increases with experience. Yogasanas help to realign yourself and increase your level of consciousness. It is a full meditative experience in itself. This slows down the aging process.

6. Bhuta Shuddhi

Bhuta Shuddhi means “purification of the elements”. In yogic science, all the creation comes from the 5 elements: earth, water, air, fire and space. Bhuta Shuddhi purifies these 5 elements in the human system, which leads to harmony, as well as the balance of the body and the mind.

The complementary practices of Isha Hatha Yoga

And more than 50 treatment and wellness modules…

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