Yoga for
Pregnant Women - Prenatal

Prepare the body and create a pleasant interiority

The process of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood can be both profound and beautiful. This experience can be enhanced even further through regular practice of yoga and meditation, as it helps mothers-to-be maintain a stable body, a still mind and balanced emotions. By cultivating a joyful pregnancy, one paves the way for a vibrant life for their child. The practices offered by Isha will aid in relieving back pain, tension and anxiety throughout the pregnancy and during delivery. With a focus on over all health and wellbeing, this workshop will nurture positivity and offer support to enhance the lives of both the mother and child.

Practice benefits

  • Strengthen the chest muscles to support the heaviness
  • Strengthen and activate the spine that needs to carry the increasing weight
  • Open the pelvic region resulting to smoother delivery
  • Create a certain well-being by the practice of chanting, meditation and breathing
  • Stabilise the body as well as creating a pleasant interiority
  • Keep your mind and emotions pleasant agreeable which will influence greatly the kid

Practice requirements

  • Low-level intensity
  • No experience of yoga necessary



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